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Long Lasting Black & Red Rose

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An unfurling bloom of delicate and vibrant petals sits on a single stem without any thorns. This fragrant beauty is perfect for any gift

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Luxury Long Lasting Rose in a Gold dome is the perfect gift, it is a real rose that last a year; inspired by the most memorable fairytale beauty and the beast; presented in a clear and elegant glass dome, surrounded by fallen petals, accompanied by a luxury presentation box; elevating a Rose from a Flower to a Luxury Gift.

A Long-Lasting Gift

Surprise your loved ones, family, friends or perfect for home décor, as a centre piece that will charm your guests for  many months to come.

Our Luxury Long Lasting Rose in a Dome has been carefully crafted using only the finest roses from Colombia.

Long Lasting Roses by Leblanc do not require water and maintain their beauty for several years. So stunning are the Infinite Roses that they cannot be told apart from their fresh counterparts.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and humidity.