About Us.

Our designs are made with Quality, Care and Passion for the detail; We put a unique stamp on the world of flowers.
Leblanc Flowers is an AustralianĀ“s Finest Flowers & Roses established over five years in 2015 in Sydney, Australia; offering innovation with our signature design elements and authentic luxury experience.

Leblanc Flowers offers unique arrangements made with the finest Fresh Roses, and are the best known for their Long Last Roses - real roses that last a year without water. Leblanc Flowers exceptional collection of luxurious gifts is the ultimate gesture of appreciation and lasting impressions. The brand operates luxury retail e-commerce around the world and orders can be placed online or by phone We offer our Pop Up Shop for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day in QVB and in our Beautiful and Unique Lovely Place Darling Harbour.

Our Story

Leblanc Flowers is a family business dedicated to placing a smile and a face surprise to each people who receives our exclusive, beautiful and fresh flowers, and those who want to look like a Queen or King.

We grow up in a family where we love the flower, work with flowers and just enjoy be around flowers. We got more that 10 year experience in the flower environment. One day I decide to share my Talent and my creativity with my beautiful people of Australia and I start making castles in my head.

After one year with the idea in my head, making draws in my mind, walking around the Queen Victoria Building inside and outside trying to find the best place to move my thought into a reality, finally I decide that this will be the spot where my dream will came true, I can not be happier, I was celebrating my birthday and the opening of my first business in Australia at the same time.- I had a couple of people that was crucial in the project, with out them I could not make it. Thank you.- Yes, we did, in February 2015, in Queen Victoria Building, for the first time we were sharing the beauty of our Exclusive Flower Car designed for Leblanc Special Moments, and the beauty of our Luxury Roses; everyone was in love with every single rose , bouquet and arrangement that we made for Valentine's Day, most of the people want to have a picture with our stunning roses and get a memory from this Special Day, was a successful opening. Since that day, I could not stop; I love my business, my flowers, my roses, my customers and my designs, every year we make our Pop Up Shop for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day in QVB and in our Beautiful and Unique Lovely Place Darling Harbour, the rest of the year we offer our Fresh Flowers and Luxury Roses online, until one day another dream came true.

Our mission is and will be to deliver the best service, designs and memories for every special moment.